In The dark  Soil…
I watched the caliginous witch fade,
as she moved into the alluring ground beneath.

I hated her loathsome rancid odour,
as she manipulated me as her daughter.

The leaves of the forest floor nurtured her nebulous slaughter, and the CHATTER

murderously struck your heart,

with her spontaneous laughter.  I gave her my heart, I was the gentle daughter.

I was part of her blood, like bricks and mortar. I held in both hands the leaves of the soil of the dark creator. I was ready…
My POWER was ready

I was smarter

I was ready to empower the now frail LIGHT
I began the melody, the lament of darkness to light
I danced around the stone circle, twisting IN WHIRLING CIRCLES
I chanted the melody of old.

I threw the dark leaves over the stone circle that I carved using my bare feet,

Twisting around and around, until my foot bled and began to weep further into her soul
The sound of thrusting rebellious rain forced upon my skin,

stabbing needles PIERCING all my body.
I am light I sing, I am light
Crushing the dark nebulous air.

I touch the stone kissing with my cold lips the now frail stone

The rain heavier and clouds form lifelike demons and structures in the sky.
I am light, I chant
Deeper and deeper

Twisting and turning
Chanting…  A Lingering light in my eye CHANGES AS DARKNESS LEAVES
I am Livi


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