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Peacefully dreaming of myself floating on ripples of calm water. This being abound, replenished by all the oceanic species of the earth.

Peacefully supporting each droplet of water falling upon my delicate soaked skin, seeping deeper into my soul.

Peacefully holding flowing water comforted by my receptive hands, held like a plentiful reservoir… fulfilling nature.

Peacefully creating emotional pictures,
each memory or droplet reminiscent of natural pigment paint on an impressionist painting.
Memorable flowing colours revealing the species as…
Peacefully separating all the darkness from my family’s segregated hands.
Lifting my inner spirit
above the sadness of reality. High up into the furthest galaxy. Deep into the darkest sea.
Peacefully preparing to sculpt the paper-thin mask upon my fragile skin.

Peacefully acknowledging I am natural, courageous and calm about my

Livi R 2017©

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