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Delicate ribbons move softly into the abundant marshland.
I walk on moss adorned with creatures,
that form soft carpets on the heavenly laden ground
My toes gently enveloped by all life abound.

Listening to all the precious movements with hypnotic colour ribbons.

Beautiful soft shadows of light create each creature’s exquisite dreams.

Powerful flowing emerald crowns, that develop sparkling gold threaded cotton flying gowns.

In the morning dew they roam freely
with sounds reminiscent of violin strings
possessing blissful, colourful, illuminating bands.
feather light and graceful wings
as they float down around my fingers
and fly around my beautiful earrings

Then they gently fly away
No longer on my softened skin
No longer Softly lifting my elevated body

My beautiful ribbons fly peacefully away

Livi R 2017 ©

Always be kind, please don’t copy

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