face 4Tender Face, Take All my giving Oxygen

Tender face, broken with sad eyes
Sits lonely in the deserted woodland
Alone with no family trace
No loving embrace
I give you my spell
I give you oxygen
I see you

This secret magical place
A secret spell we give to you
Consuming and manipulating no more fear
Moving softly over you
Covering all of you
we see your grace
The forest feels your pain
Others walk past your tender face
Selfishly they scorn your lonely presence
I see you

Spell turn this stranger
Into pure bliss not hate
Cover your cold hands
Twist my warm tender spell
upon your beautiful face
I see you

Breathe with happiness
Take the forests oxygen
Take all my oxygen
Breathe our giving precious wealth
Your gift
And learn to see collected images of happiness
Once more
I see you

Livi R 2018 ©

Always be kind, please don’t copy

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