What have you achieved this week?

I sat on the bus, while reading positive text in a book. It reminded me about a conversation at work, with a student. The conversation encouraged thinking positively about what they had achieved that week. I was trying to explain how important it was to feel positive about themselves. On reflection the student answered with little words, so I helped by explaining how they had helped me earlier on in the week. I then left work, on a very busy bus, and suddenly thought about our conversation. Was I needed? What did I do this week, but on reflection… when I remembered…

I laughed         I cried         I made someone smile         I supported       I wrote two poems

I helped someone who was very upset       I cooked         I gave someone advice

my idea helped someone    I was kind     I made someone laugh out loud

I created       I was Livi         I meditated        I worried about someone who was ill

At the end of the week I was actually really needed, and I found that I had much respect, this made me feel wanted. On reflection that made me feel really good about myself.





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