My lovely lucky Labhandar
My lovely beautiful memory
You gave me joy
You give me luck,
that gave me riches for one day
feelings of yet to be untouched personal power
For I always hold you dear
My beautiful labhandar
Beautiful dried flowers
Spell and magic turn you into comforted happiness
turns you into the most futuristic present
ever flowing silver and gold
Diamonds and luminescent pearls
No money could I wish
When I have you
Floating in water
Luck will you have tonight
For lavender has special sight

The breath-taking scent
That spills oils over your tired skin
These flowers I pressed so often
Into old Austin books
Into pillows of beautifully filled purple ribbons
And left you to dry
Watched you submerge into soft shells
Into wonderful pieces of perfection
My lucky beautiful flower
Livinia Ren 2018 ©




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