Positively Perfect Friend

Talk about the small stuff, talk about the big stuff, talk to one or to the world

Talk about the small things
Talk about the big things

You are positively perfect

Talking to you about the small things
Kind strength, giving me solace and empowerment
beyond all previous comfort
beyond all feelings of past sorrow
With feelings that recover… self 

This fight grows stronger each day
Feelings that merge deep within my soothed soul
My ribbons of clarity, now refreshed
with your mystical listening powers
enveloped and saturated my mind and inner questioning 
for the world is now mine
filled free and comforted

I am calm

Livinia Ren ©

Talk about the small things
Talk about the big things

It is very difficult to ‘open up’ and discuss your issues to someone. However, it is a lovely, uplifting feeling when you do. A FEELING of relief and brief calm. I believe in the power of communicating our feelings, even when you just talk to someone about their day. As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I see so many people improve their wellbeing, by simply talking, texting or writing to others. each day about just the ‘small things’. Pick up the phone and talk to an old friend, it will just make you feel comforted by just asking how they are. Talk to someone at work, talk to a family member or even write a blog! Communicate to the whole world.
Talk about the small things
Talk about the big things

Call a friend today


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