Thought for FRIDAY, Today is a rainy day


Does the rain change our mood?
On reflection, the rain can keep us in
Make us run from one place to another
Create disaster picnics,
Do awful things to straightened hair
The rain does feed the earth
And sounds beautiful WHEN IT FLOWS DOWN THE WINDOW
It also feels amazing when you are cosy on the sofa with a warm cup of tea, and the rain is pouring outside
It also brings droplets of fresh oxygen for all livning things and the trees grow and grow higher and higher – deeper and deeper into the ground
Along with the added photograph – pure joy, I love to photograph the movement of the rain
And my wellies are the best patterned wellies!
DOES THE RAIN CHANGE OUR MOOD… Only when we want it to!

I actually love the beautiful, wonderful RAIN

Livinia Ren 2018 c


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