People Rush too much in the Big City

Rushing everywhere! trying to get home, buy shopping, people look so very stressed sometimes. Friday I walked through the big city I work in. I often wish to leave the big city for solace. I was determined that day to achieve all the things I have said to my students… Please sometimes STOP and notice things around you! Experience this wonderful diverse city.  I normally walk a little, then get on a bus/train to take me home. Missing obviously the buzz of the city, the aromas of the foods, the bright colours of the many shops and the little hidden parks, along the way. Beautiful colours of materials and architecture.

Photograph from the Telegraph Newspaper


There are also so many buildings with amazing tea and coffee shops, with the most amazing cakes. The very older buildings have the most ornate and beautiful sculptures… Bringing old and new a exciting place to visit. My favourite of all places in Birmingham, is the canal network, with its many restaurants, bars and winding paths. Little gems of nature along the way. It is for me a ‘quiet zone’.

Beautiful rainbows of colours

magical melodies of sounds of people 

rushing by, with many bags in hand

culturally diverse and inspirational 

wonderful aroma’s of diverse foods

Wonderful togetherness 

Birmingham my home town

Livinia Ren

My first beautiful wonder of nature, that made me smile was a beautiful lone flowerbed, just outside of work. Often ignored by so many. Many small areas have been given seeds of wildflowers, to attract bees into the city. Poppies festoon around flowerbeds and ‘pop up’ from cracks in the roads… beautiful lone little weeds and flowers, amongst concreate and man-made city chaos and the overwhelming fumes of transport.


I took this photograph of a little tiny corner by where I work. The Poppies were beautiful 


I will continue to discover the little beautiful things in my rushed city. Such as our beautiful gardens in our amazing library, that I love so very much. Brummie and Proud!!

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