Look beyond the stars, beyond the lands, beyond the mountains, into the beautiful landscape. Dream in soft pillows of comfort.
all about Livi

Tell you a tale of Livinia, a lifetime of adventures, tales of old, hidden dens, family relationships, enchanted spells and mystical secrets. I feel embedded with all nature and living things. I love to watch the sunrise and set. I try everyday to ‘practice what I say’, to the students I work with. Meditation, and thinking about good things give me solace. I am soothed by the gentle breeze that seeps into my flowing enlightenment. I try to see things that people miss, such as beautiful things that people walk past on their way to work, or noticing when someone is sad.



For many years worked for the Youth Service, helping and supporting teenagers fulfil their dream
Author: I have written two books about stress and how to cope with stress. They are available to buy on amazon, but I really do this for my love of writing. My books are called… KEEP ME CALM AND STRESS FREE, Book Link, a book to help reduce stress and STRESS LESS WITH A FEW LITTLE WORDS… This being more poetry based

I love to draw, photograph and craft. Often out taking photographs

I feel that everything living is all linked together

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