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Tell you a tale of Livinia, a lifetime of adventures, tales of old, hidden dens, family relationships, enchanted spells and mystical secrets. I feel embedded with all nature and living things. I love to watch the sunrise and set. I try everyday to ‘practice what I say’, to the students I work with. Meditation, and thinking about good things give me solace. I am soothed by the gentle breeze that seeps into my flowing enlightenment. I try to see things that people miss, such as beautiful things that people walk past on their way to work, or noticing when someone is sad.

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I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist

For many years worked for the Youth Service, helping and supporting teenagers fulfil their dream
Author: I have written two books about stress and how to cope with stress. They are available to buy on amazon, but I really do this for my love of writing. My books are called… KEEP ME CALM AND STRESS FREE, Book Link, a book to help reduce stress and STRESS LESS WITH A FEW LITTLE WORDS… This being more poetry based
I am a REAL relative of the famous ‘Peaky Blinders’
I love to draw, photograph and craft. Often out taking photographs

I feel that everything living is all linked together.

I love learning and reading about history

life abound

I love to use colourful visuals to express how I feel. I do all of this in an amazing city… Birmingham, England. I enjoy the diverse culture and how wonderful each day changes, with exciting festivals, singers, poets, wonderful buildings and sculptures. I hope you will go on this journey with me…. exciting. I am fascinated with relaxation through nature, meditation and the essence nature has on improving our well-being. Livi R

Tell you a tale
Of a forest girl
She roamed the land
Looking for magic and spells in a book of family traditions
What she found, was not silly folk law
But real life stories of untold magic, curses and future readings
This she kept hidden, a secret it would be
Until she grew too old to keep its secrets hidden anymore
Then she passed her secrets on

Today, find a quiet spot, close your eyes and blissfully imagine you are sitting in a beautiful forest. A forest filled with bountiful trees, wildflowers and beautiful colourful creatures. A place for you to rejuvenate your soul. We are all entwined together —— YOU, ME AND ALL THE LIVING THINGS IN THE WORLD

MY ARTWORK: I love to draw the world around me, it makes me feel humble

calming book my book cover

Home – STRESS LESS, with a little help

Poetry – Poetry an Thoughts

Meditation – Quick Meditation Page

Calm book – Calm Book

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