New Year, be proud

Be Proud: of your own presence and who you are. Speak the words you wish to say.
Be adored with comfort and harmony.
Remove the dirt from your hands and form collections of sparkling diamonds, that you then give to others across the land.
Let the world celebrate the new year with those you love, whether your SAD or HAPPY or just in LOVE.
Tell the ones you love, you adore them every day,
give thanks to the people that supported you all the way. Give thanks to the people who supported you, all the way.
Life is too short to put things off… Happy New Year

Livi xxx

Comforting Bliss

My hand gently feels the soft movement of the flowing brook
I think of feelings and warm memories,
moving through ripples of kindness,

happiness and places, we could visit
elevating my mind to comforting bliss.
There I see your reflection
my past life, flickering movements and the safety you give
All nature and water surround my emotional life 
searching for you one last time, as the reflection fades

Step into the Dance

Step into the dance

The circle of moving lights

Merry laughter, I held my family’s hands

I see the emerald eyes

circle the land

Peace, calm and happiness abound

Thoughtfulness to all upon this land

Livinia Ren

Find your strength

Fulfil your own destiny
Be your own strength
Let this carry you to a place
that you have always longed to be

Hold those letters of dreams
Place them in your hands,  
and throw them high in the sky
There they will fly to other beautiful worlds
Dream your dreams 
Be hopeful
and at peace

Livinia Ren 2018


Calm in Crosby

Calm in CROSBY


I took this photograph in a place called Crosby, near Liverpool. The statues are famously made by Antony Gormley. I enjoy taking photographs with poetry. This is one of my favourite things to do. 

You wrap a blanket
Around my soul
You gently give the sea
A comforting boat
To carry me home
You helped me see
All the things I could be…

To be proud of my past
To be look toward a future
To be glad I am me

Livinia Ren


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