Were all one big star

Our world – our bodies – our air

We are all one big star

Every atom in your body was once part of a star, even several stars in succession. And almost all the elements that make up your body — carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and so on, would not exist at all without the stars.
Astronomers know fairly well how stars work, and have overwhelming evidence to support these assertions and many others. Our understanding of how stars work has been growing for more than a century, in parallel with developments in physics, and is now very sophisticated.


A little poem

The star dispersed
into particles of jewellery.
Scattering through clouds,
rivers and the air we breathe.
Falling gently into our hearts,
these became old
necklaces of lights,
that collected dust themselves.
Intricately woven with all

Always wake up to happiness and light
and the world around you will shine bright

Livinia Ren

Water…Peacefully Being Interwoven with the Entire Universe

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Peacefully dreaming of myself floating on ripples of calm water. This being abound, replenished by all the oceanic species of the earth.

Peacefully supporting each droplet of water falling upon my delicate soaked skin, seeping deeper into my soul.

Peacefully holding flowing water comforted by my receptive hands, held like a plentiful reservoir… fulfilling nature.

Peacefully creating emotional pictures,
each memory or droplet reminiscent of natural pigment paint on an impressionist painting.
Memorable flowing colours revealing the species as…
Peacefully separating all the darkness from my family’s segregated hands.
Lifting my inner spirit
above the sadness of reality. High up into the furthest galaxy. Deep into the darkest sea.
Peacefully preparing to sculpt the paper-thin mask upon my fragile skin.

Peacefully acknowledging I am natural, courageous and calm about my

Livi R 2017©

Water…Poetry of West Bay, Dorset

West Bay, Dorset
I want the world to just stop turning. The time on the clock radio to stand still.

The singing of the band and the beautiful silence to take over the beach, so we can just simply sit and talk.

Talk about nothing important, talk about the sun, talk about the rain, talk about how we were meant to be here. This moment… this wonderful moment.

and just sit and listen to the waves forever.

Livi R

Fire…I Yearn to dip my gypsy toes, in a bed of flowers

My World

I yearn to dip my gypsy toes gently into a bed of flowers
Along the forest floor
With diverse floral exploding lights
built with layers of perfume towers
Like fireflies gliding through the sky
I enjoy watching
and more

The earth submerges all its comfort in me
I want to feel each soft petal
gently caress my wonderful skin
Velvet and cotton textures
merge into embracing sensations
like warm soft towels on a winters day

Each stem a tingling swell
will always have my devotion
Massaging my tender heart with all my emotion
Giving each stem kindness and diverse culture
I long once more to be covered in you

My soft perfect
Bed of flowers

Livi R 2017©


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Livinia’s poetry and daily magical thought’s.

Welcome to my very first of many thoughts. Today, find a quiet spot, close your eyes and blissfully imagine you are sitting in a beautiful forest. A forest filled with peace, bountiful plants and colourful creatures. The forest is more powerful than you think. It creates a space, a place for you to relax and rejuvenates your soul. I love to find beautiful things in unusual places, and try to fill my life with lots of good energy. I believe in positive energy and circle power. I have this overwhelming sense of trying to find out who I am, why I am here and why I should try to do just everything before I get too old to do it! By doing this it becomes my journey and my little self-help, for when I am feeling a little low. I enjoy doing silly things even at my age, but love to take a few risks at the same time. POETRY…. I love the spoken word and love to write poetry. I love to use colourful visuals to express how I feel. I do all of this in an amazing city… Birmingham, England. I enjoy the diverse culture and how wonderful each day changes, with exciting festivals, singers, poets and wonderful buildings and sculptures. I hope you will go on this journey with me…. exciting.    Livi