I Love Everyone’s Diverse Individuality, they are so wonderful and unique

birmingham photo
we are all linked, entwined and together

We are all linked, entwined and together

I love everyone’s diverse imperfections.
These creatively embody each person

to be wonderful and unique

The diverse attractions,
I love to pursue and individually seek
Each smile uplifting and memorable.
I yearn to seek all the exciting people,
My journey is not unique.

This I need to do…….

before I am a little too old and weak

Livi R 2018 ©
Always be kind, please don’t copy

We are all connected, entwined and together

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The Secret Wooden Box

Collect your own wooden box, fill with wonderful memories

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Deep dark wood
Only secret wood
My grandmother said
Only the oak would guard my secrets

Small bags filled with ribbons
and photographs of us on a tiny fishing boat
Old pictures from past lands travelled
with us wearing handmade hats and coats

Picture frames that were previously broken and left abandoned
Collected thoughts and poems that reflected sadness
Drawings designs for a young girl’s wedding dress
Broken old necklaces from my grandmother

This box reflects my life in objects that shine beautiful shades of colour
Against the people, personalities, friends
and a hidden mother
future dreams and a few regrets
Fill my heart with joy that there must be hope
that I will continue to have room
for much more objects
love, life adventures and happiness
And perhaps another wooden box

Create your own secret wooden box

Livi R 2013 ©
Always be kind, please don’t copy

dedicated to Clarissa and Christopher

I have collected wonderful memories all in little boxes. They help me remember moments of happiness, sadness and moments I regret. All these things help remind me who I am, who I am meant to be, and how I will achieve this. The tiny pink bracelet was give to me by someone who wanted to thank me for supporting them. The Bunny Tin was given to me by someone I love very much. 

Fire…Letters of Hope, Forever Ink


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Dear ……

I learnt from a young age to fight the letters created by my family’s ink,
that immersed and divided my childhood family link.

Like tattoos will remain forever seep into your skin, these words stay with you forever.
And although it is exhausting,
ever consuming and sometimes cruelly absorbing,
we humans are stronger than we think.
Fight Or…. Breakdown and cry
Fight all that is YOUR letters made of ink.
Move your letters, paragraphs of sadness….

Plough your energy into others that you know or do not know.
Say a kind word,
to give support and happiness

And your life will be much more amazing than you think. X

Livi R 2018 ©
Always be kind, please don’t copy

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Water…Poetry of West Bay, Dorset

West Bay, Dorset
I want the world to just stop turning. The time on the clock radio to stand still.

The singing of the band and the beautiful silence to take over the beach, so we can just simply sit and talk.

Talk about nothing important, talk about the sun, talk about the rain, talk about how we were meant to be here. This moment… this wonderful moment.

and just sit and listen to the waves forever.

Livi R