New Year… Life fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

New Year… Life Fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

2018 Happy New Year… Parsnips and Bread
Enlighten my being
My soul touched
Be PROUD of your presence
Be ADORED with comfort and harmony.
Remove the dirt from your hand

And form collections of sparkling diamonds
That fall gently onto the ground below
Energising towers of beauty, life fulfilment
Parsnips and bread

and be Free to be Just YOU


Livinia Ren 2017 ©
Please be kind and do not copy

Be Happy
Be Proud
Be Yourself
Have a WONDEFUL Year

Fire…Letters of Hope, Forever Ink


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Dear ……

I learnt from a young age to fight the letters created by my family’s ink,
that immersed and divided my childhood family link.

Like tattoos will remain forever seep into your skin, these words stay with you forever.
And although it is exhausting,
ever consuming and sometimes cruelly absorbing,
we humans are stronger than we think.
Fight Or…. Breakdown and cry
Fight all that is YOUR letters made of ink.
Move your letters, paragraphs of sadness….

Plough your energy into others that you know or do not know.
Say a kind word,
to give support and happiness

And your life will be much more amazing than you think. X

Livi R 2018 ©
Always be kind, please don’t copy

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Fire…Fate? Destiny? Or Does the World Choose LOVE For You?

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Do you FOLLOW THE WORLD… Or Do You Believe in fate

The romantic exploration is always different from the vision we think will happen.
Selfishly self-centred, safe and mindful of our fears,
the road is never always free from tears.
Risk is just like a locked door that we are fearful to open,
Change can be difficult and emotionally strange,
except when we stand up against the world… and make a change.

Due to fate taking over, you do not have the upper hand.
with someone different to others,
in the palm of your hand and THEN YOU ARE TAKEN.
Allow yourself to soak their FREE GIVING ENERGY and unexpectedly… UNEXPECTEDLY
Fall for their hypnotic beautiful FACE
For one moment, there is a trace
of burning luminous fire, deep within your soul.
ARCHAIC… The course of the sun or moon through sanctuary.

The crystal ball will never change what is meant to be,
so live your life with risk and honesty.
In a crowded summer evening,
it is where you can FIND the energy,
this moment, a moment to make you…….
Fall from grace
Could this be fate?
I believe………………Do you?


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