New Year… Life fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

New Year… Life Fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

2018 Happy New Year… Parsnips and Bread
Enlighten my being
My soul touched
Be PROUD of your presence
Be ADORED with comfort and harmony.
Remove the dirt from your hand

And form collections of sparkling diamonds
That fall gently onto the ground below
Energising towers of beauty, life fulfilment
Parsnips and bread

and be Free to be Just YOU


Livinia Ren 2017 ©
Please be kind and do not copy

Be Happy
Be Proud
Be Yourself
Have a WONDEFUL Year

Spell… Turn me Towards Perfect Personal Solace

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Spell… Turn me Towards Perfect Personal Solace

Spell turn this stranger
I once knew
Into pure bliss not hate
Cover their cold hands
Twist my warm tender spell
upon their unemotional lifeless face

I see your fulfilment lift the leaves from the forest floor
gently flowing, building an open path of calming ripples 

Guiding you to inner enlightenment and sanctuary
A haven for you to speak, without interruption
A moment, a thought, self, divided musical, rhythmical, peaceful places

I see the turning of time…stood still
building my senses and honesty to new heights
and bringing finally self satisfaction, in loving who you are 
to a new life story, is waiting for you

just for you

I see you, a now calm, free spirit

Liviv R 2018 ©

Always be kind, please don’t copy

Fire…Powerful Forces entwine together, like the seeping roots of a tree

Powerful forces entwine us together
I am your blood…Like the seeping roots of an old fragile tree.
Bleeding together
blood merges through you… then through me.
Your whiskey veins seep into madness
with strange difference and a vintage lingering disgrace.

I am the leaves on the forest.
A blanket of green moss.
I feed and supply you comfort, and give you glasses of fake champagne filled green tea.
You are the whiskey drinker and the free spirit that defies normality.


Livi R 2017

Fire…Fate? Destiny? Or Does the World Choose LOVE For You?

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Do you FOLLOW THE WORLD… Or Do You Believe in fate

The romantic exploration is always different from the vision we think will happen.
Selfishly self-centred, safe and mindful of our fears,
the road is never always free from tears.
Risk is just like a locked door that we are fearful to open,
Change can be difficult and emotionally strange,
except when we stand up against the world… and make a change.

Due to fate taking over, you do not have the upper hand.
with someone different to others,
in the palm of your hand and THEN YOU ARE TAKEN.
Allow yourself to soak their FREE GIVING ENERGY and unexpectedly… UNEXPECTEDLY
Fall for their hypnotic beautiful FACE
For one moment, there is a trace
of burning luminous fire, deep within your soul.
ARCHAIC… The course of the sun or moon through sanctuary.

The crystal ball will never change what is meant to be,
so live your life with risk and honesty.
In a crowded summer evening,
it is where you can FIND the energy,
this moment, a moment to make you…….
Fall from grace
Could this be fate?
I believe………………Do you?


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Earth…The Witch in the Dark Soil, Poetry by Livi

In The dark  Soil…
I watched the caliginous witch fade,
as she moved into the alluring ground beneath.

I hated her loathsome rancid odour,
as she manipulated me as her daughter.

The leaves of the forest floor nurtured her nebulous slaughter, and the CHATTER

murderously struck your heart,

with her spontaneous laughter.  I gave her my heart, I was the gentle daughter.

I was part of her blood, like bricks and mortar. I held in both hands the leaves of the soil of the dark creator. I was ready…
My POWER was ready

I was smarter

I was ready to empower the now frail LIGHT
I began the melody, the lament of darkness to light
I danced around the stone circle, twisting IN WHIRLING CIRCLES
I chanted the melody of old.

I threw the dark leaves over the stone circle that I carved using my bare feet,

Twisting around and around, until my foot bled and began to weep further into her soul
The sound of thrusting rebellious rain forced upon my skin,

stabbing needles PIERCING all my body.
I am light I sing, I am light
Crushing the dark nebulous air.

I touch the stone kissing with my cold lips the now frail stone

The rain heavier and clouds form lifelike demons and structures in the sky.
I am light, I chant
Deeper and deeper

Twisting and turning
Chanting…  A Lingering light in my eye CHANGES AS DARKNESS LEAVES
I am Livi


Music from the stone circle, a moment of calm and sanctuary

Music instruments

The sea was so GREEN, breathtakingly mesmerising.

I wanted to sit and hear the sounds made from the stone circle for ever and ever. Today my family climbed up the most beautiful hill, we danced, we sang and then we made sounds using a large stone table and natural instruments. I will miss this place, as I feel so very relaxed. I will miss the vast sea visuals and the clean air. Back to the city tomorrow.


Livinia’s poetry and daily magical thought’s.

Welcome to my very first of many thoughts. Today, find a quiet spot, close your eyes and blissfully imagine you are sitting in a beautiful forest. A forest filled with peace, bountiful plants and colourful creatures. The forest is more powerful than you think. It creates a space, a place for you to relax and rejuvenates your soul. I love to find beautiful things in unusual places, and try to fill my life with lots of good energy. I believe in positive energy and circle power. I have this overwhelming sense of trying to find out who I am, why I am here and why I should try to do just everything before I get too old to do it! By doing this it becomes my journey and my little self-help, for when I am feeling a little low. I enjoy doing silly things even at my age, but love to take a few risks at the same time. POETRY…. I love the spoken word and love to write poetry. I love to use colourful visuals to express how I feel. I do all of this in an amazing city… Birmingham, England. I enjoy the diverse culture and how wonderful each day changes, with exciting festivals, singers, poets and wonderful buildings and sculptures. I hope you will go on this journey with me…. exciting.    Livi