I am stronger than you think

We all have our moments! 

but sometimes these moments remind us of how important it is to always look after ourselves. We as humans are so much stronger than we think.

On a rainy day we comfort ourselves with a hot drink and a warm blanket, a moment of selfish personal well-being. We often tell others that its going to be ok, but rarely do we tell ourselves the same!  It is time for a change! From this moment on, I am going to look after myself much better. I do a stress page on my website and actually am trying to do the things I am writing to others about.

TASK: Each day I am going to…

  1. Write something good about myself in my lovely notebook!
  2. Each WEEK – TRY TO WRITE SOMETHING GOOD, about my life (no matter how small/big) – OR HOW BAD!!!

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Question… Tell me one thing that is good in your life? LOVE TO KNOW 


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Soft Grass upon my feet

Open spaces, fill my heart with joy. You should try to have ‘real light’, not dwell in the solace of your home for too long. but to breathe the air, see the calm of nature.

Soft Grass Upon my Feet

The softened grass,
comforts my now perfect
I lift my head to see the
beautiful clouds about.
Softened rays between clouds, float gently across the shapes that keep me still.
They fill my heart with joy
and fulfilment.

Livinia Ren

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Cancer, I will be honest

Thank you all, you know who u are! Love you loads Today I cried! Because of happiness and exhaustion. I got the news that the cancer had NOT SPREAD. I didn’t tell everyone, I didn’t want people to worry.  I kept it quiet for a little while, then I had the horrid trauma of telling my loved ones.


They caught it and got it out in time!.

Thyroidectomy done. Bit of a crazy scar on my neck.. The hug monster is back! I’m a lot stronger than I realised, and filled with hope. I’m back! Hit it, kicked it! And over it! Still a little sore and a little fragile, cancer is.. horrifically hurtfully invasive… Horrid! Thank u everyone u have been so kind. reading, your words has helped me more than u know xxxx

What really kept me going this last few months is meditating Quick Meditation Page and writing, it really helped with my mental well-being.
#cancersucks #thyroidectomy #cancersurvivor #thyroidecancer


When I Listen

When I Listen

When I listen
I listen to all nature,
The wind in the trees
And the beings that flow
Into the earth’s core
I seek perfections with sounds,
That appear on the beautiful flowing water
Gently resting on my toes
Giving me solace and enlightenment

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place, silent and free
Livinia Ren 2018 ©


Enlightenment, Gives Perfect Solace to my empty heart

Enlightenment, gives me Solace

Perfect beautiful calming moments of joy,
are when we allow ourselves to embrace all the beauty around us.
Enlightenment is a cleansing process
our thoughts become less confused
so we become calm and serene.
Take the time to look around you
Don’t think about the things you do not have
look at the beautiful things you have already

Livinia Ren 2018©

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