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Hand Held Soft

Hand held soft and perfect light
You are deep in my soul
My thoughts
And my vision

My face blushed red as firelight
My hand lifted to see your silhouette
Amongst the rays of the sunshine
that fall on your wonderful body


The gentle rhythmic natural forms of the trees are breathtakingly wonderful and pure

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Earth…Poetry about Birmingham… my home town. Beautiful things in unusual places

So many beautiful things we miss beneath our feet…
These can be retreats for our soul.
A hidden elegance to behold.

Take the time to STOP.
Feel and bathe in every sculpture.
Touch the fabric of its soul and caress each texture.

Learn how shadows change these everyday, as the different shades from the seasonal sky are never the same.
See the mixture of diverse historic culture. Learn about the madness, the powerful, the graceful and the imaginative city people.

Touch and embrace with your fingers and hands, each diverse day. These images fill my heart with interest and excitement. They help me to be content, and change the clone of each working day.

Behold… Discover tiny little sculptures on rundown neglected buildings, hidden tiled floors and beautiful trimmings. We live In a world of rushing from one place to another.
DISCOVER… It will make your life a little better.         Livi R

Livi R.