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How to understand Meditation

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Breathing Techniques

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Stress and Anxiety

Stress At Work

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10 Reasons why you should meditate…

Meditation helps you think more clearly, helping you also gather your thoughts for the day ahead. If you need to make a big decision or think how you are going to manage a situation.

Improve your sleep – meditating CAN HELP A GREAT DEAL, calm your emotions, your worries and help you unwind from a stressful day. This is all part of the process of ‘winding down’, allowing yourself to feel you have ‘sorted’ out what you need, and therefore able to now sleep.

Elevate YOUR happiness levels – Meditation allows you to feel ‘elevated’, happy and emotionally cleansed.

Improve your health – High blood pressure     Heart disease   Stress Management     Pain    Obesity and other weight problems     Insomnia     Recovery from cancer

Unhealthy addictions (e.g., alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) Anxiety, stress and depression (including several stress-related problems such as multiple sclerosis, allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, psoriasis, other skin problems ADHD (Hyperactivity)

Help you keep calm under stressful situations or with moments of anxiety. If you have suffered with stress, meditation allows you to feel calmer and think more clearly. This helps towards a collection of very good techniques to help reduce stress. Please also see the stress and anxiety page Stress and Anxiety Page

Helpful with Pain – meditation has been used, to help with people who have pain… focusing your mind off the some of the pain, into different areas.

Improve Relationships – Improving your thought processes to enable you to think about your relationships with partners, friends etc. Working through arguments and life changes.

Thinking about Goals in lifeProcessing and VISUALISING a vision, can bring these to the front and encourage people to think about possibilities

Video’s are created by Livinia


The Meditation Page is being built and therefore will grow each week. SHORT MEDITATION PAGE… Short meditation can be done on the ‘bus’, in a park, home or anywhere.

Try this simple technique below…


Try this simple technique below…


Picture Me Calm

1. Try to imagine a picture frame
2. Close your eyes and design your own picture frame – use any colour design, medium, natural or manmade etc.
3. Keeping your eyes closed, try to image another world inside the frame…remembering that…
a. You can have reality from a memory, such as beach holiday, or try to imagine a world that is of your own making
b. Some design beautiful forest, some design a beautiful beach
c. Some design a place they have seen before.
4. Every time you get a little anxious or overwhelmed, try to image this place.
a. Close your eyes for a short time…
b. Imagine your frame and then float into the world you made.
c. Then open your eyes… You can do this on the bus (with practice)

Videos created by Livinia


If you need to ask any questions, please feel free to comment below and I will reply

Mindfulness Ideas

I am really interested in Mindfulness at the moment, but at first did find the concept very odd (a few years back). However, now it really helps me unwind and help me through the day. It’s not just about staring at an orange! it’s about stopping what you ae doing, thinking nothing and having ‘a solitary moment’, to unwind. It’s about really appreciating something – like a flower, a garden, a beautiful photograph, a wonderful object etc.

  1. Go find a flower or a beautiful statue in the house and STOP!
  2. Sit down and view the object (really look at the object and view its beauty)
  3. close your eyes every now and then and relax
  4. sit in silence
  5. then when you are ready – get up slowly and carry on with your daily life

Video above courtesy of the Honest Boys

Easy to understand Meditation Page
Step by step – Breathing Techniques
Have a little go – Interactive Calming Page
Stress Management – Stress and Anxiety Page
Stress Management – Stress At Work
Have a smile – Happy Page

Take a listen to my soothing words (its free, just click on the speaker next to my book) : TAKE A LISTEN Written by Myself and narrator: Kelli Lindsay, Keep Me Calm and STRESS FREE…

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