what is stress

Accepting you have stress is the first step to happiness. Learning to TALK, about how you feel, Figuring how to deal with these feelings, making a plan are some of the many things you can do, to help reduce stress. These pages cover the topics discussed. Please feel to comment below.
Accepting you have this – is the first and most important things you can do. Sounds odd, but many people put this off, often thinking ‘it’s just a bad day’, or it will pass.
Learn to talk about it
Try to figure out when it happens most: ‘triggers’, once you do this, you can work out a plan, to help get you through those difficult times in the day.
Consider ‘coping strategies’, these can be helped along by advice from a professional
Use all the support that you can. These includes, friends, support workers, doctors, official NHS websites. – NEVER DO THIS ALONE
Always have a goal for each day – you will feel better at the end of the day if you do this
Re-think your ‘me time’, always look after your well-being:
ALWAYS HAVE A BREAK at work (see work stress techniques page on this website)
TRY RELAXATON TECHNIQUES (Look at the meditation page on this website)
Plenty of sleep is needed
Drink plenty of fluids, it really helps if you are hydrated


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