Picture Frame

An easy way to meditate. Most find this a good way to start your journey to doing meditation. Often we try complicated techniques at first, but really I learnt that trying the easier versions really does make a huge difference.

1. Try to imagine a picture frame
2. Close your eyes and design your own picture frame – use any colour design, medium, natural or manmade etc.
3. Keeping your eyes closed, try to image another world inside the frame…remembering that…
a. You can use a memory, such as beach holiday, or try to imagine a world that is of your own making
b. Some design a beautiful forest, some design a beautiful beach
c. Some design a place they have seen before.
4. Every time you get a little anxious or overwhelmed, try to image this place.
a. Close your eyes for a short time…
b. Imagine your frame and then float into the world you made.
c. Then open your eyes… You can do this on the bus (with practice)

The Floating Bubble