Comforting Bliss

My hand gently feels the soft movement of the flowing brook
I think of feelings and warm memories,
moving through ripples of kindness,

happiness and places, we could visit
elevating my mind to comforting bliss.
There I see your reflection
my past life, flickering movements and the safety you give
All nature and water surround my emotional life 
searching for you one last time, as the reflection fades


A wonderful Memory

This beach is in Dorset. I visited here a year ago but the memory still exists in my head. My foot clearly in shot, taking a picture of the wonderful soft waves. A wonderful memory. Calming and gentle waves and time for me to think about the important things in life. NOT THE THINGS THAT DO NOT MATTER! I thought about myself for a change, my inner needs and my worries. My strengths and my weaknesses. it made me think more clear.

seaside 1


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Things That Matter

Think about the things that matter, put off the things that don’t.

Has it been too long since your called a family member? Too long since you called a friend? Think about the amount of times we tend to say ‘I must get in touch with’, or that you might be too busy to ‘pop round’. In times of need, friendships and family members are a must. I have just realised how long it has been since I called a good friend of mine. I was so much better after I did this. My friend lives abroad and we lost touch years ago. I made a list of all the things I needed to do, this being one of them.

think about the things that matter

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Seduced by a Fantasy…The powerful vision of fulfilment

Think of a vision, a fantasy 

Think of a Fantasy

Think of a vision, a fantasy
Allow the journey to grow
to bloom

Drink its core and encapsulate its essence
For one moment allow this to be just a vision

Just a thought

Let the journey seep through your veins
Submerge each particle in your mind
Let its intoxication


Engulf and gather with all your being
Feel every moment as it penetrates your soul
In its world of sumptuous wonderful fragrance

Let the journey breathe

Breathe ALL

I am as calm as can possibly be

Livinia Ren 2017 ©
Please be kind and do not copy

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Thought of the day, What have you achieved this week?

What have you achieved this week?

I sat on the bus, while reading positive text in a book. It reminded me about a conversation at work, with a student. The conversation encouraged thinking positively about what they had achieved that week. I was trying to explain how important it was to feel positive about themselves. On reflection the student answered with little words, so I helped by explaining how they had helped me earlier on in the week. I then left work, on a very busy bus, and suddenly thought about our conversation. Was I needed? What did I do this week, but on reflection… when I remembered…

I laughed         I cried         I made someone smile         I supported       I wrote two poems

I helped someone who was very upset       I cooked         I gave someone advice

my idea helped someone    I was kind     I made someone laugh out loud

I created       I was Livi         I meditated        I worried about someone who was ill

At the end of the week I was actually really needed, and I found that I had much respect, this made me feel wanted. On reflection that made me feel really good about myself.





Spell… Turn me Towards Perfect Personal Solace

sleep3 best

Spell… Turn me Towards Perfect Personal Solace

Spell… Turn me Towards Perfect Personal Solace
Spell turn this stranger
I once knew
Into pure bliss not hate
Cover their cold hands
Twist my warm tender spell
upon their unemotional lifeless face
I see your fulfilment lift the leaves from the forest floor
gently flowing, building an open path of calming ripples
Guiding you to inner enlightenment and sanctuary
A haven for you to speak, without interruption
A moment, a thought, self, divided musical, rhythmical, peaceful places
I see the turning of time…stood still
building my senses and honesty to new heights
and bringing finally self satisfaction, in loving who you are
to a new life story, is waiting for you
just for you
I see you, a now calm, free spirit


Liviv R 2018 ©

Always be kind, please don’t copy

New Year… Life fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

New Year… Life Fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

2018 Happy New Year… Parsnips and Bread
Enlighten my being
My soul touched
Be PROUD of your presence
Be ADORED with comfort and harmony.
Remove the dirt from your hand

And form collections of sparkling diamonds
That fall gently onto the ground below
Energising towers of beauty, life fulfilment
Parsnips and bread

and be Free to be Just YOU


Livinia Ren 2017 ©
Please be kind and do not copy

Be Happy
Be Proud
Be Yourself
Have a WONDEFUL Year