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The Laden Path

The Laden Path

Imagine sitting here and the world standing still – just for YOU I took this photograph at the National Trust

Your beautiful quiet place
Breathtakingly beautiful and serene

This quiet place
I was composed
I was for one moment still
As I gathered all I could from sight
I tried to remember every tree
Every blade of grass

Every second of the dragonfly that flew past my hair
I am in sanctuary

Livi R 2018 ©

I walked along a beautifully laden path, that reflected lights and scent form the spring flora, and fern. This beautiful place, listed in the National Trust, gave me solace and a chance to unwind, to breathe my thoughts and create some reflective writing. While sitting in a peaceful area, I noticed a building, small and round with a thatched roof. Beautiful and calm, I sat and wrote.

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Imagine, for Meditation



Imagine for Meditation

Close your eyes

Imagine yourself floating in a beautiful bubble 

Floating inside a soft comfortable bed of comfort and safety

A beautiful space filled with solace

A space to think clearly about your day

Float in the beautiful landscape

Then gently float down to the ground

the bubble gently goes…


Feel cleansed and content for the day ahead

Livinia Ren 2018.6

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Be the Coin in the fountain

I am not saying by doing this, your dreams will happen, but the process of ‘doing this’, helps you have hope. Hope being very important for providing enthusiasm and drive for the working week. So try it, it really helps also remind you of distant goals and brings them to life.

coin in the fountain
I took this photograph of the Water Fountain inside Manchester Trafford Centre.

Question: Love to hear a dream of yours, please comment below…




Things That Matter

Think about the things that matter, put off the things that don’t.

Has it been too long since your called a family member? Too long since you called a friend? Think about the amount of times we tend to say ‘I must get in touch with’, or that you might be too busy to ‘pop round’. In times of need, friendships and family members are a must. I have just realised how long it has been since I called a good friend of mine. I was so much better after I did this. My friend lives abroad and we lost touch years ago. I made a list of all the things I needed to do, this being one of them.

think about the things that matter

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