Calm in Crosby

Calm in CROSBY


I took this photograph in a place called Crosby, near Liverpool. The statues are famously made by Antony Gormley. I enjoy taking photographs with poetry. This is one of my favourite things to do. 

You wrap a blanket
Around my soul
You gently give the sea
A comforting boat
To carry me home
You helped me see
All the things I could be…

To be proud of my past
To be look toward a future
To be glad I am me

Livinia Ren


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Little Bracelet of Emerald Leaves

Little bracelet of emerald leaves
Gilded gold forget-me-nots that are entangled beneath my moss tears,
Of a time where we sat among broken twigs, around my feet submerged in the earth’s giving powers.
Hidden dens and flower towers.
And there…… lay the perfect innocent tree,
that built houses and made the fires,
that built the diamonds,
that scraped against the static walls the humans created. Only to make engravings of lost letters and untold secrets.
But I remain in my bed of leaves and tears, my forget-me-not rings, my wheeled wooden carts of flowers. But I have my powerful mind . Hidden untold, My gypsy carriage will guide me to a land of hope and happiness. And along the way I will visit once more, my emerald forest.
Livinia Ren 2018 4 ©


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Imagine, for Meditation



Imagine for Meditation

Close your eyes

Imagine yourself floating in a beautiful bubble 

Floating inside a soft comfortable bed of comfort and safety

A beautiful space filled with solace

A space to think clearly about your day

Float in the beautiful landscape

Then gently float down to the ground

the bubble gently goes…


Feel cleansed and content for the day ahead

Livinia Ren 2018.6

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Cancer, I will be honest

Thank you all, you know who u are! Love you loads Today I cried! Because of happiness and exhaustion. I got the news that the cancer had NOT SPREAD. I didn’t tell everyone, I didn’t want people to worry.  I kept it quiet for a little while, then I had the horrid trauma of telling my loved ones.


They caught it and got it out in time!.

Thyroidectomy done. Bit of a crazy scar on my neck.. The hug monster is back! I’m a lot stronger than I realised, and filled with hope. I’m back! Hit it, kicked it! And over it! Still a little sore and a little fragile, cancer is.. horrifically hurtfully invasive… Horrid! Thank u everyone u have been so kind. reading, your words has helped me more than u know xxxx

What really kept me going this last few months is meditating Quick Meditation Page and writing, it really helped with my mental well-being.
#cancersucks #thyroidectomy #cancersurvivor #thyroidecancer


When I Listen

When I Listen

When I listen
I listen to all nature,
The wind in the trees
And the beings that flow
Into the earth’s core
I seek perfections with sounds,
That appear on the beautiful flowing water
Gently resting on my toes
Giving me solace and enlightenment

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place, silent and free
Livinia Ren 2018 ©


Seduced by a Fantasy…The powerful vision of fulfilment

Think of a vision, a fantasy 

Think of a Fantasy

Think of a vision, a fantasy
Allow the journey to grow
to bloom

Drink its core and encapsulate its essence
For one moment allow this to be just a vision

Just a thought

Let the journey seep through your veins
Submerge each particle in your mind
Let its intoxication


Engulf and gather with all your being
Feel every moment as it penetrates your soul
In its world of sumptuous wonderful fragrance

Let the journey breathe

Breathe ALL

I am as calm as can possibly be

Livinia Ren 2017 ©
Please be kind and do not copy

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Sometimes the most beautiful things in Life are the simplest things

Friendships, family and wonderful Simple TEXTURES, bring my world to life

Sometimes the most beautiful things in life, are the simplest things

The feeling I get when I buy a small gift for a friend in strife
A loving letter for a family member



Help a friend fix a problem
Telling a friend it’s going to be alright

Helping someone have a wonderful life
A thousand reasons to give to charitable causes tonight
That moment when a mother gives birth to life
To sing that special song for a happy moment
An amazing fearless day on a motorbike
A lover that pushes you to do the things you like

Helping you move onto a better life

Livinia Ren 2017 ©
Please be kind and do not copy

Friendships, family and wonderful Simple TEXTURES, bring my world to life