Find your strength

Fulfil your own destiny
Be your own strength
Let this carry you to a place
that you have always longed to be

Hold those letters of dreams
Place them in your hands,  
and throw them high in the sky
There they will fly to other beautiful worlds
Dream your dreams 
Be hopeful
and at peace

Livinia Ren 2018


I yearn for Sounds of Songs from Nature

Sounds of Nature, create beautiful days of calm, solace and peace.


songs po SQUARE em

Sounds of songs of nature, 
fill my heart with 
peace and solace, creating beautiful days 

Livinia Ren


The Laden Path

The Laden Path

Imagine sitting here and the world standing still – just for YOU I took this photograph at the National Trust

Your beautiful quiet place
Breathtakingly beautiful and serene

This quiet place
I was composed
I was for one moment still
As I gathered all I could from sight
I tried to remember every tree
Every blade of grass

Every second of the dragonfly that flew past my hair
I am in sanctuary

Livi R 2018 ©

I walked along a beautifully laden path, that reflected lights and scent form the spring flora, and fern. This beautiful place, listed in the National Trust, gave me solace and a chance to unwind, to breathe my thoughts and create some reflective writing. While sitting in a peaceful area, I noticed a building, small and round with a thatched roof. Beautiful and calm, I sat and wrote.

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A wonderful Memory

This beach is in Dorset. I visited here a year ago but the memory still exists in my head. My foot clearly in shot, taking a picture of the wonderful soft waves. A wonderful memory. Calming and gentle waves and time for me to think about the important things in life. NOT THE THINGS THAT DO NOT MATTER! I thought about myself for a change, my inner needs and my worries. My strengths and my weaknesses. it made me think more clear.

seaside 1


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Soft Grass upon my feet

Open spaces, fill my heart with joy. You should try to have ‘real light’, not dwell in the solace of your home for too long. but to breathe the air, see the calm of nature.

Soft Grass Upon my Feet

The softened grass,
comforts my now perfect
I lift my head to see the
beautiful clouds about.
Softened rays between clouds, float gently across the shapes that keep me still.
They fill my heart with joy
and fulfilment.

Livinia Ren

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Imagine, for Meditation



Imagine for Meditation

Close your eyes

Imagine yourself floating in a beautiful bubble 

Floating inside a soft comfortable bed of comfort and safety

A beautiful space filled with solace

A space to think clearly about your day

Float in the beautiful landscape

Then gently float down to the ground

the bubble gently goes…


Feel cleansed and content for the day ahead

Livinia Ren 2018.6

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