The Laden Path

The Laden Path

Imagine sitting here and the world standing still – just for YOU I took this photograph at the National Trust

Your beautiful quiet place
Breathtakingly beautiful and serene

This quiet place
I was composed
I was for one moment still
As I gathered all I could from sight
I tried to remember every tree
Every blade of grass

Every second of the dragonfly that flew past my hair
I am in sanctuary

Livi R 2018 ©

I walked along a beautifully laden path, that reflected lights and scent form the spring flora, and fern. This beautiful place, listed in the National Trust, gave me solace and a chance to unwind, to breathe my thoughts and create some reflective writing. While sitting in a peaceful area, I noticed a building, small and round with a thatched roof. Beautiful and calm, I sat and wrote.

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Stress at Work Tips

Stress at Work and what to do


1. Make sure you arrive positive
Very often we can ‘presume’ how are day will run. Try entering work in a positive way, try to think of something good that is happing that day, who you may help today, as opposed to what might go wrong, what negative things are about to happen.

2. YOUR environment – where you work can affect the way you feel

a. Have a clear out! Often our environment will create emotions that can be negative. Why not change things around, clear your desk or put up photographs.
b. Put papers that collect in piles into boxes – must do – can wait (they are still there, but now in a better order)
c. PHOTOGRAPHS… Photographs of family, or even photographs of tranquil seaside, landscapes – can promote calm. Pictures with positive quotes, helping you remain positive throughout the day. Happy smiles, calming worlds.
d. Some people buy nice stationary, pens or funny post it’s, to improve their working day.

3. Make a list of things you need to do
Sometimes it is good to have a list of things to do, rather than haphazardly ‘just doing’ things when you start them. This will keep you focused, and often by doing this, will help GIVE YOU THE FEELING OF ACHIEVING SOMETHING BEFORE THE END OF YOUR DAY.

4. Try to not get distracted
A big sign of stress at work is when we get distracted by ‘small stuff’, because this is stopping us doing the ‘big stuff’. Sometimes while we work on one thing we sometimes remember we have to do another! We can help stop this a little, by writing a ‘to do list’ – always keep a note book near you to add things throughout the day. You can then get on with your work and leave the other on the list later. You can buy a small book that can fit in your pocket or a lovely book filled with pictures.
It is difficult not to allow this to happen, particularly when people keep asking for things… sometimes we can say WE ARE BUSY. Normally it is because you distract yourself rather than others doing this.

5. Talk – manager, staff more often
It is difficult to explain to a manager when things are getting too much, and often we do not want to show we cannot handle our work. It is good however every so often, to make sure that your manager is aware of what you ‘take on’ every day. Often they are busy themselves and don’t always realise your work load. Having some ideas to help improve workloads are always good to think of, particularly when you have meetings with a manager. It shows your positive outlook, instead of being negative, they are then more likely to help and support.

Even if it is a quick cup of tea, a short break, we know this helps regenerate are energy.
Try working out a plan, as often we mean to have a break, but when things get busy we forget! If you try to have a quick break – even going for a drink, at the same time, it will become habit and you will more like o this every day.
WEEKLY MEETING CHAT: I go for a tea and ‘meet up’ other staff, we go to a coffee shop. This helps build support networks and friendships. It is amazing how much this can help with your well-being
7. Don’t ALWAYS volunteer for everything
Often our good nature creates this…YES I WILL DO… but then we leave the room and suddenly realise what we have done. Only volunteer if you need to do this. Do not take on too many things.
its ok to say no, from time to time. You can think of explanations

The idea that you can relax at work may seam a little crazy! But there are very quick techniques you can do at work…
1. Close your eyes and visualise a beautiful place of your choice
2. Use breathing techniques while sitting or walking
3. Think of positive things (a list of things that make you happy on your desk)
4. Meditation at work might be difficult, but sometimes there might be a quiet space/cupboard for you to do this.
5. A quiet space – sometimes when I go to take things to another part of the building there is a room I go through that is very quiet. This I love to do when times get busy. I stay for a few moments, close my eyes – then leave

9. Establish Boundaries – look into doing less at home
Look at stopping e-mails, working late at home. Often when people do this they find that they can ‘get it done’ at work. Some people stay a little later, 10 mins at work on a Friday, to make sure they clear up a few things, so they do not need to think about it at home. This is not ideal, but someone once told me, when they did this at home that 10 mins at work would take so much longer at home. Have a break in your time off – try to switch off.

10. Identify what/when stress at work happens most
Try to Identify these moments, as it might help you sit down and work through a few:
Support methods
What you might be able to do differently
Who might help
Textures are bliss on my hands