A wonderful Memory

This beach is in Dorset. I visited here a year ago but the memory still exists in my head. My foot clearly in shot, taking a picture of the wonderful soft waves. A wonderful memory. Calming and gentle waves and time for me to think about the important things in life. NOT THE THINGS THAT DO NOT MATTER! I thought about myself for a change, my inner needs and my worries. My strengths and my weaknesses. it made me think more clear.

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Positive Energy

Sunshine and Positive Energy

Today fill your day with sunshine and positive energy
Fill your mind with a happy visual
A time when you laughed
A time when you was so full of joy
Imagine that day

OR fill your mind with something that makes you… 

Fill your mind with joy and happiness

Be Strong
Be Courageous
Be Happy (even just for one hour!)

Livi R 2018


Happy Thoughts

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And the world became more calm
when I excepted myself for the person I was.
I watched the sunrise for the first time
Colours of flickering embers
Of beautiful crimson and golden blades of shimmering light,
that soaked through my skin, seeping interwoven vines of nature
that give comfort
For now, I do not need to be anyone else
But only my Happy self

What makes you happy?









Positively Perfect Friend

Talk about the small things
Talk about the big things

You are positively perfect

Talking to you about the small things
Kind strength, giving me solace and empowerment
beyond all previous comfort
beyond all feelings of past sorrow
With feelings that recover… self 

This fight grows stronger each day
Feelings that merge deep within my soothed soul
My ribbons of clarity, now refreshed
with your mystical listening powers
enveloped and saturated my mind and inner questioning 
for the world is now mine
filled free and comforted

I am calm

Livinia Ren ©

Talk about the small things
Talk about the big things

It is very difficult to ‘open up’ and discuss your issues to someone. However, it is a lovely, uplifting feeling when you do. A FEELING of relief and brief calm. I believe in the power of communicating our feelings, even when you just talk to someone about their day. As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I see so many people improve their wellbeing, by simply talking, texting or writing to others. each day about just the ‘small things’. Pick up the phone and talk to an old friend, it will just make you feel comforted by just asking how they are. Talk to someone at work, talk to a family member or even write a blog! Communicate to the whole world.
Talk about the small things
Talk about the big things

Call a friend today


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Fire…Shimmering Forest on Your Skin

Shimmering fluorescent lights

Of round pink flesh tones
Fill my moist lips
With textures that taste of honeycombs

I watched your face
As the beautiful rays of light
form Silhouette leaf shapes
On your rhythmical soft skin

Let me lift those patterns
With my moist lips
Magical Forest
Grant me a spell
To keep you here

Livi R 2017 ©
Always be kind, please don’t copy