The Forest Tale


The Forest Tale
I listened to you tell the tale
Of the keeper of the forest.
She knew the secrets of the ribbons
These grew and cascaded on the living branches
Each autumn they were FREE
Each spring they grew nearer to me
And grew inside of my seeping heart
That burnt just like the nearest star.
Until Livina placed her feet in the dark soil
Constantly reproducing
Loving all life forms around

Look after our forests

Livi R 2018.4.©


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New Year… Life fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

New Year… Life Fulfilment, Parsnips and Bread

2018 Happy New Year… Parsnips and Bread
Enlighten my being
My soul touched
Be PROUD of your presence
Be ADORED with comfort and harmony.
Remove the dirt from your hand

And form collections of sparkling diamonds
That fall gently onto the ground below
Energising towers of beauty, life fulfilment
Parsnips and bread

and be Free to be Just YOU


Livinia Ren 2017 ©
Please be kind and do not copy

Be Happy
Be Proud
Be Yourself
Have a WONDEFUL Year

Earth…The Ribbons Submerged into Beautiful Creatures… Wonderful, Blissful and Pure

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Delicate ribbons move softly into the abundant marshland.
I walk on moss adorned with creatures,
that form soft carpets on the heavenly laden ground
My toes gently enveloped by all life abound.

Listening to all the precious movements with hypnotic colour ribbons.

Beautiful soft shadows of light create each creature’s exquisite dreams.

Powerful flowing emerald crowns, that develop sparkling gold threaded cotton flying gowns.

In the morning dew they roam freely
with sounds reminiscent of violin strings
possessing blissful, colourful, illuminating bands.
feather light and graceful wings
as they float down around my fingers
and fly around my beautiful earrings

Then they gently fly away
No longer on my softened skin
No longer Softly lifting my elevated body

My beautiful ribbons fly peacefully away

Livi R 2017 ©

Always be kind, please don’t copy

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