Tea the gift of happiness. I was always told to ‘put the kettle on’, ‘lets have a cuppa’, when I was younger. Then I didn’t realise how much a cup of tea can actually help all! For a start ‘a tea break’, allows us to stop for a moment. Helping us unwind and have a break. It is a little like….. Mindfulness, helping us stop throughout the day and hopefully give our minds a break at the same time,,,, link to: meditation Page. On the other hand it was always used when the family were stressed! ‘have a cup of tea, it will make you feel better’, they all used to say. The process of making the tea and drinking it wasn’t what was helping, but, because everyone had sat down gathered their thoughts and also discussed the issue… we were all feeling better at the end! When I cry… a cup of tea, when I am happy… a cup of tea.

photo of white pink and yellow ceramic mug and saucer
Curtesy of Photo by Mareefe

Herbal tea helps us even more, even though there are hundreds of creations, flavours and ways of drinking it. I love ginger and lemon, raspberry and orange, beautiful on a summer’s day. You can load them with fruit or ice in the summer. Or simply hot on a cold winter morning. for me tea is part of my life. Part of my families daily routine, and part of a history of British tea drinkers, often using tea as an escape to daily chores.

My favourite teapot…

my teapot
I love my teapot

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Tea, tea and more tea